Hacker's Hill: The Beginning
Hacker Hill Memorial Plaque
Hacker's Hill is located on Quaker Ridge in Casco, Maine. This area was settled in the 1800s by individuals who wanted to worship their Lord in the beauty of His Holiness. They also wanted to serve their families, their neighbors, and the town of Casco, so they wove their skills, their work, and their worship into the fabric of their lives. They were truly blessed. Their core values and legacy live on to the present time. Hacker A. Hall was a man of vision.
It is believed that he could have made the commitment to this hill project, while in a foxhole serving his country, as many Quakers were praying for his safe return. He, with his sons Loren and Conrad, along with some close friends began clearing the 25 acre project in the mid Fifties which took years to complete at the families expense. Not everyone appreciated the efforts of this family, and in the mid 80s, vandalism took its ugly toll and the gate to the property was locked to the public for years.
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