Hacker's Hill: The Past
However, the vision of Hacker A. Hall was not forgotten by the Lord. In 1994, a missionary was sent to become steward and caretaker of the land. The High Country Mission was formed. The confirmation for the establishment of this mission occurred several months later when the work was prophetically spoken about in person by a faculty member of the same Bible college that had been attended by the missionary (New Life Bible college Cleveland, Tennessee.)
In 1997, as further confirmation of the mission and the vision, a lightning strike during a powerful storm occurred. In the presence of six witnesses, a 70 foot pine tree was hit by lightning in such a way that it formed a natural cross. This naturally created cross still stands on the site in its original place. Several years later, a biblically authentic statue representing the Lord Jesus Christ holding a child, carved with a chainsaw by a local artist, was gifted to the Hill.
Hacker's Hill: The Present
Hacker's Hill Park seen from the valley
The stewardship of the land has changed. Loon Echo Land Trust has transitioned into the preservation of the public area of Hackers Hill Outlook and Park. As part of the transition process, the statue (which had been slated for removal), has been relocated a few hundred feet from its original location onto private property. Harry and Susan Monahans have graciously provided an area on their private property on the Hill where the statue now stands.
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