Additionally, with the move of the statue, a door was opened to create an area on the site named "The People's Chapel." Information for anyone in need or with a desire to meet the Lord Jesus Christ individually, and personally, wherever they are will be available in the chapel. The statue embodies and communicates the childlike faith of believers (which is the hallmark of the Lord Jesus Christ). Childlike faith is all you need. There you will find a living active relationship with "the World's Greatest Union” (the Father, the Word (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit). These three persons of the Godhead are in harmony and unity and they are One, in vision (Acts 1:8).
Who is the Silent Preacher?
The title of The Silent Preacher website was given to the missionary in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. In 1993, after being licensed in the AME Church, the missionary received the assignment to find a suitable building to hold meetings in. The missionary took a route to a hill overlooking Lake Ontario where a very large cross stood and was lit up at night.
On the way up to the hill, he pulled into Tim Hortens to get a coffee to go. While walking towards the shop, a man came towards him smiling. He had something in his hand to give, and used hand gestures, demonstrating that he was a mute. He passed a business card, shook hands, turned, and was gone. The card said “You might forget my name, but don’t forget Jesus Christ who came to save you.”
Gratitude Stones
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